The California Subject Matter Project (CSMP) is a network of nine discipline-based projects that provide rigorous professional development, designed by K-12 and university educators, to enhance learning for all students. Through nearly 90 regional sites statewide, CSMP creates communities of practice that promote high-quality teaching, leadership and educational equity. CSMP gives educators a variety of professional learning opportunities designed by teachers and university faculty – including workshops, leadership institutes and in-service programs. Through the project’s research-based approach, participants improve and enrich their teaching of specific subjects.

With a network comprising the nine projects listed below, CSMP encompasses the course content represented in California’s K-12 standards and frameworks, and covers all of the academic disciplines required to meet college entrance (“a-g”)requirements.

  • The California Arts Project
  • California History-Social Science Project
  • California International Studies Project
  • California Mathematics Project
  • California Physical Education-Health Project
  • California Reading & Literature Project
  • California Science Project
  • California World Language Project
  • California Writing Project

Of the many professional development opportunities available to California teachers, few are as well-regarded and enduring as CSMP’s portfolio of programs. The project differs from other educator professional development providers in its unique, long-standing model, which includes the following hallmarks:

  • Programs join subject-specific content with innovative pedagogy.
  • School-university partnerships, including collaboration between K-12 teachers and university faculty, are collegial in nature, honoring teacher knowledge.
  • Cultivation of and emphasis on teacher leadership.
  • After completing a program, teachers are offered ongoing education resources and support through professional communities.
  • These core elements have remained consistent in spite of budget cuts and the growing needs of the districts, schools and teachers CSMP serves.

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